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Printable angel stickers for kids with cute angel illustrations, 5 different angel designs

. Use these angel reward stickers in Sunday School, add them to church fliers, use them as homework stickers, or print them and decorate posters and other Christian stationery.

If you like these designs, load your sticker paper into your printer and click the yellow print button. You can find more details on printing your own stickers below.

To print: There is a large yellow print button in the top right corner (hard to miss.) Click on this to start the sticker printing. The program will work best on 8.5-11 sticker paper or A4. These printable reward stickers will format to any paper size, so if you want to use a larger paper, these should still work for you.. After clicking the print button, a print window should pop up and you can choose to make as many copies of the free sticker sheets as you'd like, or try another theme, style or color. If you don't get a print window, you can just click the print button again to print as many copies of the page as you'd like.

Which sticker paper should you use: You'll need to use no-cut, white sticker project paper, full-sheet labels or white photo sticker paper. These are available at most stationery stores, or you can find theme with the stationery items at superstores and office supplies outlets. The printable sticker pages are not designed for any specific size. By using white matte, glossy, photo, inkjet sticker paper, you can print any of the pages from Stickers and Charts. You will need to cut each of the stickers out with a pair of scissors or use a paper cutter. Alternatively, print to plain, thicker paper and just use glue on the back (that works just as well, maybe even better, and makes great cheap stickers.)

More options - On the main page (use the link above or click on the top banner,) you'll find an index of over 200 different sheets with decals, badges, buttons and rewards you can print. They have been grouped into themes such as sports rewards for kids, cute awards to print, free holiday stickers, and there are also matching behavior charts for most of these.

For further questions, suggestions or comments, use the contact link at the bottom of this page. I'd be glad to hear from you.

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